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GalleryManager V2 Freeware Edition is now available !

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Now with Videos in galleries !

See Demo Galleries

To see the flash Demo Galleries , you need flash plugin 8 or higher

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**GalleryManager V2 -Freeware Edition has 2 layouts and you can make only 3 galleries with 15 pictures eatch.

The coding of the galleries is deactivated and a small banner in a corner is faded in.

gallerymanager freeware

Installation reference

Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 (for Windows) and the Flash Plugin (Version >8 ) in the default browser ( both are free ) must be installed.

GalleryManager V2 -Freeware Edition**
[ variable resolution up to fullscreen + video ]
GalleryManager V2-Freeware GalleryManager V2-Freeware TD  

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